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Designing your own custom branded frames for Fuji Instax and Polaroid film couldn’t be easier!

custom branded polaroid design example

How it works.

The special material the frames are made from makes applying frames to photos super easy.

You simply peel off the frames special backing, place in your photo and fold the frame to seal.

There are cuts across the backing to make life even easier and help you place the photo in the perfect position.

Why frames?

It’s not possible to print directly onto Fuji Instax or Polaroid film.

The film is is light sensitive and the printing process would cause irreversible damage.
Trust us, we’ve tried!

So if you want custom Fuji Instax or Polaroid film, you need frames.

Compatible with Fuji Instax and Polaroid film.

The first step is choosing your style, you can pick from Polaroid film, Instax Square, Instax Mini or Instax Wide.

Then you can add cameras, film and get designing your very own custom branded frames.

Add your design in a flash.

Adding your design couldn’t be easier.

With our simple online designer you can pick to customise frames for either Fuji Instax or Polaroid film, add images, logos and text to your design.

Get a FREE sample pack.

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We’ve delivered custom frames for some of the worlds leading brands.