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Custom Instax Frames

£117.00 GBP
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Design Guide

Crop, Bleed and Safe areas explained along with some other useful tips!

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Shipping Times

We aim to print, pack and dispatch all orders within 5 business days.

Shipping times are then on top of this. Estimated shipping times after dispatch:

UK - 1 Business Day
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US - 2-4 Business Days
Canada - 4-6 Business Days
Aus/NZ - 5-7 Business Days
Singapore - 5-7 Business Days
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If your country is not listed, please use the above information as a guideline or feel free to send us a message via our Chat.

Dispatch is the day your order leaves our warehouse.

In a rush? Left it too late?

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Do not place a order if you have an event in a few days. The likelihood is that it's not going to arrive on time. You've left it too late!

When you place your order, we aim to print, pack and dispatch your order in 5 working days.

Shipping times are on top of this and will vary depending on where you are in the world.

IMPORTANT: Frames are applied to film AFTER the photo has been taken. This is not branded film. Please see example video below.

How it works

Apply your custom branded frames to Instax and Polaroid photos in seconds.

Just remove the easy-peel backing, place in your photo and fold the frame to seal.

Why Frames?

If you want custom Polaroid or Fuji instax film, you need frames!

Why? Because it’s impossible to print directly onto instant film. The film is light sensitive and the printing process would cause irriversable damage.

Trust us, we’ve tried!